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Five Protective Factors to Strengthening Families

These five protective factors are:

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Parental Resilience - Parents who can cope with the stresses of everyday life, as well as an occasional crisis, have resilience: they have the flexibility and inner strength necessary to bounce back when things are not going well.

Social Connections - Parents with a strong social network of supportive friends, family and neighbors often find that it is easier to care for their children and themselves.

Knowledge of Parenting and of Child and Youth Development - Parents know their children best - their unique behaviors, interests and abilities. However, it is challenging for any parent to be an expert on all aspects of infant, child, and teenage development or the most effective ways to support a child at each stage.

Concrete Supports for Parents - Families who can meet their own basic needs for food, clothing, housing and transportation--and who know how to access essential work supports such as childcare, health care, and mental health services to address family-specific needs--are better able to ensure the safety and overall well-being of their children.

Children's Social and Emotional Development - Research shows that babies who receive affection and nurturing from their parents have the best chance of developing into children, teens, and adults who are happy, healthy and competent. It also shows that a relationship with a consistent, caring adult in the early years is associated in later life with better academic grades, healthier behaviors, more positive peer interactions and an increased ability to cope with stress.

We can all play a role in creating nurturing and supportive homes and communities for children. Thank you for all that you do to protect children and strengthen families!

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Children's Bureau


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