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The Children We Serve

Invest in our children. Their future is our future.

little girl thinking"Children throughout the community continue to benefit from the compassion and commitment... of the Charity Ball Association."

--Pfiester, Executive Director, Respite Care

"The children of Respite Care have been the recipients of the generous and kind support of the Charity Ball Association for many years. The Davidson Respite House Emergency Shelter is the first and remains the only safe haven for children with specialized needs. Upon arrival, the first experience for a child is a state of the art playground designed for children with developmental and physical challenges, a gift from the Charity Ball Association. The colorful structure provides fun, recreation and vital therapeutic activities."

--Bert Pfiester


The CBA Serves Children in Need in Bexar County

The Charity Ball Association has a passionate commitment to the sick, the orphaned, the abused, the under-educated, the neglected, the homeless, the bereaved and the poverty-afflicted children of Bexar County.

Every year the CBA makes visits to charities serving Bexar County's children. Some of those charities are small and unrecognized but valuable to the children in that area of the county. The CBA members see first hand and evaluate children's needs as part of their grant process.

A snapshot of Bexar County's children may be found under the "Resources" tab, click here, by following the link for the "Voices for Children" publication.


School Readiness A Priority

kidsThe CBA places a major emphasis on preparing children to enter school. It believes that investing in children through early quality care, education and healthy families has great payback in the future. Focusing on at-risk zip codes, the CBA makes Focus Area grants that encourage school readiness.

Less than seven cents of every public dollar goes to programs for children 0-2 years of age, the time considered most critical in the development of the brain. Very early education has a likelihood of producing success for children in school.

Make an investment in our future. Donate now.


The mission of The Charity Ball Association of San Antonio, Inc. is to support and enhance the quality of life for children of Bexar County.


four kids sitting on a bench After 69 successful years of funding over 200 children's agencies in Bexar County, we are committed to care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.

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