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Many Ways to Participate and Children Benefit Always

girlThe children of Bexar County will benefit from your participation in the CBA's fundraising activities and we will do the footwork to make sure that every dollar counts.

Be a Patron--Dollars Straight to the Bottom Line

Patrons constitute a significant source of funds for grants made to children's charities. While you can participate in other projects of The Charity Ball, Patron's dollars can go straight to children's charities. There are eight different Patron levels and many other giving opportunities. Learn more

Sponsor or Underwrite the Rotogravure

Participate in The Charity Ball Association's annual magazine by sponsoring or underwriting pages. Learn more

Support the Children's Book

Purchase a children's photo page or underwrite the publication of a beautiful hardbound calendar book. Learn more

Buy Fall Prize Tickets for Spectacular Prizes

Buy tickets for a chance to win amazing prizes. Learn more

Photographer Acknowledgment

The Charity Ball Association acknowledges with gratitude the work of the following photographers who participate in ithe Rotogravure or the Datebook and whose photographs may appear on this website:

Ansen Seale ansenseale.com

Billo Smith, Gary Stanko www.billosmithphotography.com

Langmore Photography www.langmore.com

Marks Moore Photography www.marksmoorephotography.com

Overstreet Studios www.overstreetphoto.com

Parish Photography www.parishphoto.com

Robert Shaw Portraits www.robertshawportraits.com

Photographs on this website are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without the permission of The Charity Ball Association and the photographer who took the picture. To obtain permission please contact The Charity Ball Association. Click here


The mission of The Charity Ball Association of San Antonio, Inc. is to support and enhance the quality of life for children of Bexar County.


four kids sitting on a bench After 69 successful years of funding over 200 children's agencies in Bexar County, we are committed to care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.

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The Charity Ball Association of San Antonio, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the G.A.C. Halff Foundation for partially underwriting this website.