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Our Patrons

The Charity Ball Association of San Antonio, Inc.'s 2022 Patrons

The Charity Ball Association acknowledges
with sincere gratitude the following 2022 Patrons.
Their wonderful generosity has resulted
in grants to children's agencies.
See Current Charitable Recipients.




Diamond Chrysanthemum Patrons

Charity Ball Legacy Foundation

Kittie Nelson Ferguson Foundation

Mays Family Foundation

Mary West and Richard Traylor


Golden Chrysanthemum Patrons

Laura and Scott Anderson

Circle Bar Foundation


Chrysanthemum Patrons

A Friend of Charity Ball in honor of the Hendry Family

AT&T Foundation

Donald G. Elliott and Denise Pride-Elliott, M.D.

Lee Anne and Stuart Hendry, in memory of John L. Hendry III

Lisa and Mike Kelleher Fund

Cynthia and Forrest Miller

AnaPaula and Mark E. Watson III

Linda and Ed Whitacre, Jr.


Distinguished Patrons

Carla and John Brozovich

C.H. Guenther & Son LLC

Bonnie and Berkley Dawson

Laura and Sam Dawson

Gayle and Walter Embrey

The Greehey Family Foundation

Peggy and Dan Allen Hughes, Jr.

Bonnie and John Korbell

Kim Lewis

In memory of Ruth Eilene Butler Sullivan 

Trinity Flowers by Danny Cuellar and Danesa Woehrle*


Grand Patrons

Malú and Carlos Alvarez

Anderson Marketing Group*

Sue and Tommy Arnim

Kelly and Stephen Cavender

Kelly and Carl Fellbaum


Jack and Valerie Guenther Foundation

Langley & Banack, Inc.*

Luther King Capital Management

Vicki Lee McLaughlin

Lisa and Mitchell Nichols

Seale Studios*

The Witte Museum*

The Tobin Endowment

Stacey and Mark Woods

Mary and Bob Worth


Noble Patrons

Kathey and Robert Anderson

Dianne and Richard Azar

Bank of America

Barton Benson Jones PLLC

Alicia and Harry J Brusenhan

Michele and Randy Cadwallader

Emma and Toby Calvert 

ColorArt San Antonio*

Lynnette and Trey Embrey

Kelley and Pat Frost

Frost Bank Charitable Foundation

Goldsbury Foundation

Sandy and Phil Green/Green Family Charitable Fund

Lisa and Erik Hanson

Patricia and Robert T. Hayes

H-E-B Helping Here


Jeanie Rabke Wyatt Family Foundation

Jefferson Bank

Estee and Luke Kellogg

Jean and Steve Lee

Lynn and Porter Loring III

Jan and Bob Marbut

Trudy and Ed Moore

Nelson Puett Foundation

NuStar Energy Foundation

Ellen and Gerald O'Gorman, Jr.

Camilla M. Parker

Kim and Joey Peacock

Emilie and Christopher Petty

The RK Group*

Elizabeth and Happy Rogers

Sue and Dudley Snyder

SWBC Foundation

Toby and John Tate

Texas Capital Bank

Kristin and Dick Tips

Betty and Mike Venson

Williams-Chadwick Family Charitable Fund

Ann and Forrest Word

Mollie Zachry



A.J. Monier Service Co.

Judy and Jim Adams

Mallory and Stephen Ahl

Jean and Clyde Alexander

Lissa and Paul Allen

Sara and John Ames

Kim and Andy Anderson

Yoli and Chuck Anderson

Annie and Tim Swan Fund

Cory and Phil Bakke

Mary and Kab Ballantyne

Nel and Walter Belt

Mary and Mike Benedum

Carolyn and Larry Biedenharn

Kathy and Albert Biedenharn

Nancy and Jaime Billups

Anna-Laura and Michael A. Block

Linda and Stephen Blount

Melissa and Warren Branch

Lynne Lahourcade Breuer

Katherine and Walter F. Brown, Jr.

Jane Buchek

Alethea and Bruce Bugg

Charles Butt

Susan and Stephen Butt

Rhonda and Joe Calvert

Linda and Brad Camp

Elizabeth and Clay Carrington

Carrie and Alan Catalani

Judith G. Cavender

Suzanne and Rick Cavender

Carolyn J. Clark

Trish and Marshall Clegg

Katie Clementson/Billo Smith Studios*

Ann T. Coiner

Lisa and Wally Cox

David Sixt Photography*

Lori and James Donnell

Bea and Steve Dutton

Betty Ebrom

Christy Ebrom and Dan Henley

Wendy Lee Erickson

Jimmie Ruth and Dick Evans

Helen and Rob Eversberg

EZ Park*

Susan and Aubra Franklin

Joy and Triple Fuhrmann

Sharon and Tommy Funk

Tanya and Mario Garza

Jenny and Jay Gibson

Wendy and Thornton Goetting

Lilly and Alan Gretzinger

Maggie and Tom Guggolz

Gulf Business Printing*

Becky and Loren Gulley

Susan and Wendell Hall

Lisa and Joel Hannemann

Meta and Boo Hausser

Susan and Will Hausser

Rose Marie and John L. Hendry III

Lynne and Peter Hennessey

Cari Hill

Jan and Roger Hill, Jr.

Linda and Herb Hill

Almeda and Ned Hodge

Janet and Rob Holliday

Liecie and Nick Hollis

Carolyn and Mark Johnson

Jessie and Richard Kardys

Kelly and Kevin Kennedy

Leslie and Tom Kingman

Nita and Michael Kiolbassa

Virginia and Gary Koehl

Bekki and Greg Kowalski

Anne and Paul Krause

Michael L. Kreager

Gretchen and Lance Lahourcade

Kitty and Rich Lange

Lauren Portrait Art*

Marline and Clint Lawson

Kathleen and Byron LeFlore

Sally and John LeFlore

Nancy and Ralph Lehr

Elizabeth and Bob Lende

Paola and David Lloyd

Aimee and Stacy Locke

M Capital Advisors / Jessica and Claude Koontz

Marks Moore Photography*

Susie and Jim Martin

Joyce and Jess Mayfield

Sheila and Carter Mayfield

McCombs Foundation

Jo Lynne Meador

Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation

Diana Morehouse

Karen and Lee Mueller

Terrie and Jamie Musselman

In memory of Florence B. Newman

KaRynn and Keith O'Connell

Eleanor and Keith O'Gorman

Eleanor and Tim O’Gorman

Kenneth Oleson

Bonnie and Billy Osborn

Paul Overstreet/Overstreet Photography*

Laura and Clay Page

Harriet and Dan Peavy

Pamela and George Person

Susanne and Douglas Richardson

Corinna and JB Richter

Robert Shaw Portraits*

Elizabeth and Barry Roberts

San Antonio Woman*

Linda and Joey Satel

Laurie and John Saunders

Caroline and Robert Schupbach

Cynthia and George Scofield

Sharon and Stuart Seal

Nancy and Donnie Seay

Daniela and Antonio Serna IV

78209 magazine*

Marnie and Bart Simpson

Marie and Paul Smith

Jennifer Hernden Sparr

Amy and Ben Swaney / The Prestigious Mark

Lisa Rodgers Thurmond

Sharon and Carter Thurmond

Laurie and Jeff Truax

Shannon and Jon Turner

Jill and George Vassar

Suzanne and Dick Wade

Peggy Walker and Myron East

Ann Brennand Watson

Courtney and Mark Watson

Jeanie Wehmeyer

Karla and Jeff Wentworth

Tracy and Jack Williams

Barbara B. Wood

Karen Lee and David Zachry

Allison and Josh Zeller

Lynn and Thad W. Ziegler


*In-Kind Donor


The mission of The Charity Ball Association of San Antonio, Inc. is to support and enhance the quality of life for children of Bexar County.


four kids sitting on a bench After 69 successful years of funding over 200 children's agencies in Bexar County, we are committed to care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.

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The Charity Ball Association of San Antonio, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the G.A.C. Halff Foundation for partially underwriting this website.